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Explanation of Services

Giving you more time for what's important

Clothes Hanging
Image by Domenico Loia


As Poshmark VA's, we will share your closet up to 12 times per day, sharing to EVERY party. Share times typically run 11am CST, 2pm CST, 6pm CST, 9pm CST.

  • we will share closets with up to 500 items at least 12 times per day

  • we will share closets with 900-600 listings up to 10 times per day

  • we will share closets with up to 1,000 items at least six times per day

  • we will share closets with up to 1500 items up to 5 times per day

  • we will share closets with 2,000 or more up to 4 times per day.

We will provide Google spreadsheets to track all sharing.


Sharing is done every 15-35 seconds, depending on your closet size.

If you have a large closet, please limit community sharing to avoid over 10k shares each day. 


Targeted following and community shares combined with closet sharing dramatically increase the traffic to your closet. 
We target follow new closets which are potential buyers

We target follow large established closets to drive some of their traffic to you

We can draft listings

We will help you draft your poshmark, mercari, and tradesy listings.  Send over the photos and listing information and we will create the listings for you and save them to your drafts. 

7,000 Closet Shares

This plan is perfect if you are looking to add a few extra shares to your closet. Each day we share 7,000 times between the hours of 8 am CST - 11 pm CST.  We will always keep your closet in order. If you hit 7,000 shares while halfway through your closet, we will continue to share until your closet items are back in their original order.

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